Full disclosure, I'm not a golf instructor. I am an amateur blogger and avid golf tip collector that is consistently trying to break 90 every weekend, just like you!

To this day, I am still searching for the consistent golfer inside. It often feels impossible to dedicate all of the time and patience required to succeed, all those hours spent reading article after article and watching countless gimmicky instructional videos.

We are all constantly on the lookout for a quick and convenient way to improve our games but the only way to get better is to practice. But the only way to efficiently practice is to know the basics, know the correct ball position, stance, setup, and grip.

Every golfer knows that all shots are not created equal. Hitting an iron out of the fairway rough is completely different than hitting a draw off the tee. So how on earth do you remember all of the technical details required to master every tricky shot we face on the course?

I personally used to annoy my golf partners by continuously asking them questions like, Hey, should I aim left or right with the ball above my feet?”  They would answer and I’d attempt the shot, but I was never able to retain the information. The next round we played, I had to ask the exact same questions – without fail.

Eventually, after thoroughly irritating my golfing buddies, I started writing it all down. At that moment, Swing Minder was born. I compiled all of that on-course advice and spent 10 additional months doing even more research. I then combined my eye for graphic design, and my background in instructional technology to create the very first Swing Minder Golf Shot Survival Guide. Now every golfer can save tons of wasted strokes every round.

So, take the guesswork out of golf and have the confidence to get yourself out of trouble. I can't promise to keep you out of the rough but I can guarantee you will know what to do when you get there!

What exactly is the Swing Minder Golf Shot Survival Guide?

My Survival Guide is perfect for studying up at home or for stuffing into your golf bag for a quick reminder before your round. Immediately know ball position, stance, setup and more for over 30 different trouble shots and save tons of wasted strokes.

It's become a product that is helping thousands of golfers improve their scores and increase their enjoyment of the game every weekend.


How do I contact you?

Please use my contact form here for the quickest response.  Otherwise my mailing address is:

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Or you can contact me via text here: (877) 897-5273