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Complete set of 33 reference cards

I love the set. It’s going to be nice at the range to practice shots I forget how to do. Also on the corse for a quick reference when I get in trouble in the sand. The only thing I would change is a little bigger ring for the cards or even a way to have it connected to the golf bag. I would still highly recommend the set.

Good reminders

Must have to shoot lower score. Not everyone golf IQs are the same but this will even it out for sure 🤌😊, but don't forget this booklet won't help you with your hooks and slices though 😂😂🤣🤣🏡

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Anthony Pellegrino (Chicago, IL)
Great gift!

I’m not much of a golfer, but I gifted to a family member and they already love it.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
William Barrett (Philadelphia, PA)
Great tips after 14 years off

Cards are well designed and nice construction. Images are clear and easy to follow. As someone coming back after 14 years of not playing it’s a great quick reference, I agree with some an index would be great as I went for complete set and already have to try and remember so much. I made my own and taped to cover and am looking forward to getting out again once snow melts. Also nice to have the free shipping code, really appreciated finding that.

Swing Minder

All in all I like the product. Quality is good and they shipped quickly. Instructions seem to be on the money as I am using them with a new golfer and also a young grandson. However, I wish they had thought of color coded tabs so that specific instructions could be accessed quickly rather than looking through the entire stack. Off the tee could be one group of tabs, wedge use another, putting another, etc.
It would be a huge improvement.

Mark, thank you for your comments! We are always looking to improve our product. We intentionally left out tabs so you can rearrange your cards in the order that best fits you individually but will take your recommendations into consideration.

Simple, easy reminders and a great way to learn

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
David F (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Swing Minder Cards Review

Upon receipt of the card set, the set was missing one card and Matt with Swing Minder was very helpful and responsive to provide a new set of cards in a timely manner. He was very accommodative and helpful. The cards themselves are beautiful; well produced and professional looking with excellent golf tips for stance, ball position, and how to approach and hit certain shots. All in all, a very good experience from the order process, customer service, and the product itself.

Hey David, send us a message on our contact page and we'll get that taken care of for you!

Take care,

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Rebecca Sellers (Clover, SC)

My son received the complete card set for Christmas. He loves it! He and my husband can't wait to go out and try each tip! Our only suggestions would be to have a card ring that is just a tad bigger (to make the pages easier to flip) and to laminate the card with something so they are protected a little more from the constant use or to have a slightly stronger front and back cover instead. Other than that, it was the perfect gift and I'm sure it will be used for a lifetime!

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Leo Josepayt (Blackwood, NJ)
Very helpful

I'm really need to the sport ,iv used it multiple time and it's really help knock strokes off my scorecards! Couldn't be happier with this buy

Easy to follow tool with step-by-step picture graphics. Great for that "What do I do now?" next shot.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Lee Poliski (New Baltimore, MI)
Very Good But Not Great

As a novice, I'm excited to use these, and bought a set for my teen as well, but some of the pictures are misleading. The first picture for Ball Resting on the Fringe states to keep the Hands Ahead of the Ball, yet the picture is post stroke with the club head already through the ball (a better picture of hands ahead is on Chip from a Tight Lie). I do love the foot & ball positioning pictures which will help a lot

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Rosemarie (Phoenixville, PA)
Well structured “tool”!

Excellent product. Bought for myself and so impressed I will be buying more as Birthday gifts through the year. Customer service is exceptional to work with… a minor problem I incurred. Do not hesitate to buy this helpful tool.

Can’t Wait

Just got my swing minder in. I can’t wait to try it out here in the next couple weeks.

Great Gift

Amazing quality!! I got this as a Christmas gift and it came very quickly. My mom is going to love it!

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Kawohi Kamaka (Hawaii County, HI)
Weekend golfer

What a great tool to have on the course. You have every different scenario that you may come across on the course, I’m excited to try this out

Helpful Hints

These information cards help keep me on tract. I am a beginner

Great pictures, great details, very helpful

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Julian Jaramillo (Apopka, FL)
I forget to remember

Love these cards. I always forget to remember where my weight should be or how to get out of the bunkah. These cards are a huge help. Got mine late in the season. I ordered a second set for my Wife’s Uncle and he loved them. He is very excited.


Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Amar Shrivastava (Kendall Park, NJ)
Great resource, but not practical to use on the course

I think the content is invaluable and of great help. The major issue is that you are constantly fumbling around to find which one you need. You don't always have the time to look for what you need while playing. It would be better if there was a table of contents like dozens of reviews have suggested or the cards were color-coordinated; one color is for sand shots, one for the ball on the upslope, etc. Something may be a feature but if so many people request an easier way to access the cards, then it's more of a bug. But, I love the reference guide, I just wish it was easier to use on the course. Worth the investment.

Amar, thank you for your comments! We are always looking to improve our product. The main intent is for them to be memorized at home before your round.

Swing minder cards

I like em.Too many to be practical on the course,takes too long to find what you need.I use them for practice rounds or on the range.If you know what your getting into you could just take the ones you'll most likely need.I have the 33 card set so maybe I'll split them up into practice and play cards.They definitely narrow your focus before setting up for a shot.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Tony Marijanovich (Dearborn Heights, MI)
Very Handy

Love having the quick reminders on hand on the course!

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Raul Filardi (Boardman, OR)

Used it this weekend and it already paid dividends. Quick simple to refresh set up for the different shots you will encounter

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Jesse Martinez (Mount Gilead, OH)
Quick reference cards

Very nicely put together with great tips and material design !

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Mike Brandon (Mechanicsville, VA)
Very happy with product and company

I was pleasantly surprised with all aspects of this transaction. The deck is nice quality and the support from the company was above and beyond.

Great resource on the course!