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Wonderful informational booklet on swing set up and ball placement. Highly recommend to any golf of any age

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Mary Malaby (Mendham, NJ)
great cards

just what i was looking for. fantastic idea and well executed.

Helpful reminders

Great tool to help walk you through playing your shots 👍

Love this thing. For those of us weekend warrior type golfers, try this. For one round. Use it on every single shot. Not exaggerating I dropped 6 shots in one round.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Terry Britton (Olympia, WA)
Swing minder

Sure helpful with my feet placement and my stance.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Thomas Yewdell (Pahrump, NV)
Go to Guide

I use this book as a way to Fix my golf game when I loose my focus on Fundamentals. I just flip to that page and I see what I am doing wrong.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Charles Carter (Sellersburg, IN)
Refund plus 7 dollars

Small print makes product difficult to use while on the course. When I returned the merchandise this customer was charged an additional 7 plus dollars to return merchandise. Hoping company will send a larger version of their product.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
edgar t miller (Sanger, TX)
love it

love it

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Patrick Sebay (Meridian, ID)
Quick and simple instructions

This is the perfect golf aid I’ve ever used as it is simple to use and the instructions are quick and easy to follow!

Great reference when working at the range. I wish they were a little smaller to fit in my pocket for quick access on the course. They are a little bulky and very slippery when you try them pull them out on the course.

It's like having a caddie with you all the time!

For anyone looking for another tool to add to your golf bag, this is it. If you happen to be playing by yourself, it's great to have just to check yourself. I highly recommend!

Really helped me with proper stance especially for uphill or downhill shots. It also helped with various bunker lies

I just love it!

Swing Minder is an excellent training aid for those who want to get better at our beautiful game. I've been nursing an injury, and it's winter where I am, but I very much looking forward to my next practice sessions using Swing Minder. Thanks a million!!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
jeff, grann, (Oceanside, NY)

The concept is good, but to use it on the course, the table of contents needs to have page #'s. You can't start flipping through the pages looking for the proper tip for your situation. They need to fix that!

Jeff, thank you but our cards are not meant to be used on the course so your feedback is correct. The cards are meant to be memorized and studied in the comfort of your home or while practicing. We intentionally left out page numbers so you are free to remove any cards you have put to memory or rearange the cards in a way that best suits you.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Austin Mardi (Ambler, PA)
Useful Product!

At first i thought 25$ was a lot for notecards, but the idea of it is brilliant and I'm anxious to use it on the course. The presentation of receiving the this product (the packaging and quality of the product) was professionally done. Also, it's a nice way to study different shots/hazards when you are relaxing on the couch or trying to procrastinate at work. We know as kids how useful notecards can be for studying, so why not use notecards for studying golf.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Joseph Biondo (Plymouth, MN)

Great little book! Can't wait to use it on the course!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Mark Solheid (New Prague, MN)

good booklet to have. lot of good information

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Janet Boatman (Largo, FL)

I was pleased at the quality. And with the step by step visual on how to make the shots was easy to follow

Great product

Golf Shot Survival Guide
John McClelland (Macon, GA)

Great tool, son in law a I have used and tried several shots.
Wish we had had this several years ago.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Ann (Denver, CO)

Good info but wish it was smaller and easier to handle.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Darren Boyd (Plano, TX)

Great info

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Joe Pearson (Sacramento, CA)
Golf improvements

Good tops to help with my golf game.

My review

Great experience on time and helped with luggage