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Golf Shot Survival Guide
John McClelland (Macon, GA)

Great tool, son in law a I have used and tried several shots.
Wish we had had this several years ago.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Ann (Denver, CO)

Good info but wish it was smaller and easier to handle.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Darren Boyd (Plano, TX)

Great info

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Joe Pearson (Sacramento, CA)
Golf improvements

Good tops to help with my golf game.

My review

Great experience on time and helped with luggage

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Laverne Uvodich (The Villages, FL)
What a great idea!!

I really love this little book! It is so hand and helpful whenever I have a situation that is covered in this book!!! The diagrams are great and it is so easy to read!!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Kenny Comstock (Vancouver, WA)
Love it.

Well made, good quality. Easy to read and make adjustments.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Mike D. (Cape Coral, FL)
Good for a beginner

A little simplistic. However it also leaves some questions. Example: “Make sure you are the right distance from the ball”. If you’re having problems you don’t know what the distance should be. Overall a good product.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
David Smith (Indianapolis, IN)
Swing minder review

This book will be a good study tool for the course. I look at it often and hope to memorize the entire book.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Jack McNeely (Evansville, IN)
Golf Help

It seems to be well organized
and informative

Golf Shot Survival Guide
eray (Escondido, CA)
Downhill lie in the rough 25 yards from green

Actually it was a tougher shot. Approach shot was not only downhill from the rough, but over a gully-like terraine to a slightly elevated green with only 1-2 feet of more rough to the green (pin placement slanting to the left about twenty feet from the edge). Read the Swingminder instructions not fully agreeing with stance, but did what it said. Hit the ball within 3 feet of hole!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Josephine Herrera (Kissimmee, FL)
A great little tool

I bought this for a friend who is just learning to play. I looked at it and it is very informative. The booklet is made well. All the sheets are plastic covered for durability. There’s a carry bag included. A good tool for a good price.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Josh Stephens (Monroe, GA)

Awesome tool. Great tips

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Barry Jones (Sun City, AZ)
Great product

Love this quick reminder easy access helps me a lot

Golf Shot Survival Guide
R.R. (Stockton, CA)
Reference Tabs

Reading the comments many users prefer tabs anyway. The user can still move the cards to their liking. Frankly I’d study the info on the cards rather than take it out on the course. Golf is a game of skill and memory

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Dave O'Connor (Methuen, MA)
Why didn't I try this years ago...

Became proficient at striking the ball cleaner in about a week. Love Medicus

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Steve (Dearborn, MI)
Helpful, but incomplete

I thought this was going to include all shot types and not just speciality or conditional shots.

The book only contains unusual or unique shots such as angled bunker shots.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Matt Hancock (Covington, LA)
My go to guide on the course

I keep my survival guide clipped to my bag on the course and have already used it several times in situations where I wasn't sure what to do. Highly recommend for any golfer looking to improve their awareness and skill.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Too early to tell...

Christmas gift - haven't used.

The booklet's nice, and appears water proof as promised, and the guidance looks legit - but again, not tested.

Asking for feedback prematurely.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Nancy M (Cocoa Beach, FL)

As a beginner golfer, I was expecting “flashcard” reminders for typical shots. I don’t recognize the terminology for these shots and the guide will have little utility for me at this point in my game.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Howard Tuter (Springfield, MO)

I’m totally impressed with your shot card setup, easy to use, and visually outstanding! I’ve chosen the shot cards that I struggle with the most, and have pared down the book to those card's, so it’s easier to handle on the course… thanks for a well prepared booklet..Howard

Golf Shot Survival Guide
gary wallace (Overland Park, KS)
nice to have

just some basic information that’s nice to have. especially how to hit unusual shots. i’d like to see some quick fix cards for poor shots and putting issues that arise.

Informative and easy to take to the range. Better to look at than a phone screen.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Armen Abrahamian (Tujunga, CA)
Great Tool

I have used the instructions on couple of occasions and got good results.