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Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Patrick Lipscomb (Lake Orion, MI)

Seems to be worth the investment

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
David Blake NeeSmith (Franklin, TN)
Life Saver

Already dropped at least 3 shots a round by being able to know with confidence where my ball location in my stance or weight distribution needed to be with a whacky lie.

sweet tips

i have been using some of the tips when i go golfing, i feel it helps.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Singletary’s (New York, NY)
Love the Swingminder cards

I am a relatively new golfer and I love these cards for when I practice at home! My husband is seasoned & he uses them also. I’m giving them to my lady golfer friends as gifts!

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Gary Cunningham (Moundsville, WV)
Informative and easy to read

Good info!!


These are exactly what I needed

Clear, concise reminders... just what I needed

Our golf pro has fantastic ladies clinics... but I forget what he teaches by the time I get to my car. I've been saying, we need a simple laminated cheat sheet with all of these basics.... wha la! Swing Minder is exactly what I've been needing! Agree, wish they were double-sided... and I've put a rubber band around them so they don't get bent in my bag.

Full set review

Awesome set of cards to have on hand! Perfect for on the course if you have any doubt. Comes with a bag for easy storage and I would highly recommend to anybody!

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Harold Gibbs (Independence, MO)
Game improver

Helped me tremendously. Everything in this 33 card reference guide has helped me improve my game. The last 3 times I’ve been on the course and use these cards I’ve gained strokes on my handicap. Absolutely a game changer for me.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Edgar Ballard (Hayward, CA)
Good product but why is it single sided

I bought this to put in my back pocket (literally. But the printing is only on one side. That doubles the thickness and doubles the weight. I’ll drop it in my bag and might remember it when I need it. We’ll see.

Handy Reminder

I have a relative who loves golf but, he has memory issues with his advanced age. Remembering how to shape shots or where to place his feet & ball position is difficult at times. The Swing Minder saves him the embarrassment of having to ask for help & minimizes the struggle on the golf course. I'm positive this gives him more confidence, independence & freedom to continue to enjoy golf to the fullest. This also adds to our quality golf time(I don't have to be player + coach). Swing Minder reinforces proper technique for myself & any golfer out there. SM serves as a quick swing guide & is faster than looking up a swing tip on your phone.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Grant webb (Carrollton, TX)

Great, quality product. Excellent reference when on the course or sitting at home.

Excellent Quality

The cards are very helpful and durable. I wish they came in lefty oriented but I can convert to my game with ease.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Robert DeRidder (Dearborn Heights, MI)
Reference cards

Really great detail and guidance on most situations I am in!! Also like that they are water proof, as I typically play in light rain

Very inormative

These cards are great for situational problem solving. I keep mine in my bag!

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Beth Shotwell Willey (Mitchell, SD)
Just what I was looking for!

I haven't played golf in years. My late husband would give me good advice on thise tricky shots. Uphill, downhill, side hill etc. Where to aim, put my feet, choke down and so on. I remember they are different but needed reminders I could take with me. These cards should be able to assist my memory. Just what I need.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Mike R. (South San Francisco, CA)
Awesome Product!

Saw the ad on FB and based on the positive reviews, thought I’d give it a try. Turns out, everyone was correct! The cards are laminated / durable, and the instructions are clear, concise, and very helpful. Swing Minder listened to earlier customer feedback as mine came with an “order of contents” page so you can easily find the cards you need during your round. Excellent product!!!

Flash Cards

Great product, super helpful. Easy to use and convenient for quick refreshers mid round on the course

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Collin McBurney (The Bronx, NY)
Very Cool

Delivered fast. More cards and cues then I thought. They fit right in my golf bag easily.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Chris Morrison (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
Great product

It’s awesome. Was delivered quick. Love the packaging and the cards are great to just keep in your bag

Handy golf tool

I like them. I rearranged the order of the cards and added a larger ring and hooked them to my bag. Handy golf tool to look at while considering next shot. I’ll order more for my golf partners.

Learning the details.

The Details are great. It is the little things that matter when you play golf.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Jeffery Theriot (Harlingen, TX)
Helpful golf cards

I like these cards, simple and easy to use. They help you remember how to hit shots, especially when it’s been over 10 years. Durable construction and seem like they will hold up well.

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
Dennis Lautzenheiser (Murrieta, CA)

Great product. Very helpful…

Reference Cards - Our Complete 33 Card Set
William Pinamonti (Massapequa, NY)

Have not got the chance to use it yet,but it seems to be a good idea for quick references on the course!