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Golf Shot Survival Guide - Left-handed Edition
lawrence buccheri (Little Silver, NJ)
LH Swing Minder

Excellent guide for amateur golfers. Convenient and useful. Handing a few out as Holiday gifts. Well made.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Suzanne Kennedy (Campbellton, NB)

This is a great review which will come in handy when some shot falls apart!!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Thomas Stoller (Sunnyvale, CA)

All great information, I'll be taking it with me to the driving range and the golf course. High quality and well made.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Darien Gasner (Corona, CA)
Handy book

This is a great little tool I used it on Friday for several difficult shots at Maderas thanks

Very helpful guide!

Pictures are helpful

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Linda Schrum (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Great learning tool

I have only been golfing for over one year, so I find it very helpful to use as a study guide. I now need to take what I have been studying out to the course. I am going to focus on the situations that I run into most first. I will then try out some of the more sophisticated swings. Thanks for the tips!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Teresa Cretin (Ontario, NY)

Product is well made, compact yet easy to read, informative, great price!
Thank you!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
R Harlow (Mooresville, NC)
Love this!

It’s perfect for a study guide! My husband coaches me in the moment and this is a great reference to review away from the course. Even better was that he agreed with all the instructions.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Eric Barker (Chino Hills, CA)
Another weapon.....

Havent used it thus far. But looks like it could help with a variety of shots. Looking forward to it!

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Peter Erb (Fernandina Beach, FL)
Big Help

A great quick reference and reminder tool. Certainly has helped me for sure. Highly recommend!

Used it the day after I received it. Helped me with numerous shots. Looking forward to improving my overall game.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Kenneth De La Cerda (San Antonio, TX)
Exactly what I expected!

After receiving, I can honestly say that it was exactly as anticipated. Great durable material and craftsmanship. I am dying to use it in my next round of golf.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Laura Fox-Smith (Sacramento, CA)

Great guide/ good quality

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Audrius Urvakis (Brooklyn, NY)

I'm a beginner, this is really useful and easy to use.

It was just ok. It should have tabs to easily come through the color coded sections. It’s not made for on the course direction as it takes time to find a page, slowing down play.

It's made very well and has high-quality visuals.

Awesome. Can’t wait to use it during my next round

It’s an awesome tool for novice golfers who can’t remember how to hit the different shots you’ll see during every round of golf

Nice easy reference for those with the attention span of a house fly like myself.

Golf Shot Survival Guide
James Vail (Beachwood, OH)
Only way to learn/remember ALL the tips.

Sure, it's old school, but if learning to hit these shots is the goal, who cares if you're using flashcards? Better than constantly asking the people you're golfing with, "So, a ball below my feet wants to go,,, right?"

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Tracy Downs (Pensacola, FL)
Well made gear

These are fantastically done, a bit larger than I expected but better for my old eyes. Great for those reminders that I can’t ever remember until the second I hit an errant shot😊

Good info to have in your bag

Golf Shot Survival Guide
DENISE A FOLEY (Princeton, NJ)
Great Quality

Great quality and exactly what inwas looking for

Golf Shot Survival Guide
William Kuhn (Summerville, SC)
Great aid book

This is quality product that provides great detail on hitting from various position and terrain and how to hit different golf shots. Very informative with precise detailed and colored images

Golf Shot Survival Guide
Brian Paqua (Huntington Beach, CA)
Great product

I really like the Swingminder. It has helped me remember things in those hard to hit locations. My only recommendation would be to make a similar product based on each club. For instance, these are the things to remember when hitting a seven iron or these are the things to remember when hitting at nine iron and so on and so on. That would be a product. I would be very interested in.