After receiving hundreds of messages from our customers, we had our founder, Matt Beasley answer a few of your most frequently asked questions:

Why didn’t you just make an app?

We did.

What is the deal with your logo, what does it mean?

Tying a string or ribbon around your finger, or in this case the finger of your golf glove, is an old-world method of remembering something. Noticing the string on your finger throughout the day helped you recall what you wanted to remember. Memorizing my cards will help you remember what to do in tough situations on the golf course.

Why did you stop selling for a whole month?

That was totally my fault! I didn't foresee how fast my Quick Reference Cards would sell and I didn't order nearly enough during the initial printing. I'm trying not to let it happen again.

What if a page gets damaged?

Send me a message below with your order number and which page you need and I will replace it absolutely free!

What if I disagree with the information on one of the cards?

Sorry! I tried my hardest to study a wide range of available information from reputable sources when I wrote these cards. I feel my instructions are the best consensus of all my research.

USPS says they delivered my order, but I don't see it. What should I do?

If your tracking says "delivered" but you haven't received your order yet, please sit tight for a day or two. If after that time it still hasn't shown up, please message me below for a quick replacement.

I’m left-handed; do you make a left-handed version?

Yes!  Our left-handed version is now available in limited quantities.  If you want a copy, grab it here before they're gone!

I thought of a shot you didn’t include. How could you miss that?

Although I feel I have put together a complete collection of trouble shots, I understand it's impossible to include them all.  If you have a suggestion, please let me know and it could make its way into a future revision.

Can I get a discount on a bulk order for my group?

Sure, send me a message here and I can send you bulk order pricing.

What are you having for dinner later?

Most likely Mexican food. I love Mexican food.


You can always track your order on our order tracking page here!


If you have any additional questions, I am always here to help! If you have questions about my products or questions about information on my website don't hesitate to ask. Just leave me a message below and I will get back to you very soon.